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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

"When starting my driving course with Misbah I found he was a very calm and patient teacher. I felt confident and comfortable as Misbah was very reassuring to my mistakes. His experience as a driving instructor was very professional and in the space of a month, I had passed my driving test with two driving faults. I would highly recommend Misbah as a teacher because with him as an instructor and the step by step DVD set it made my learning experience easy, quick and also very fun! Thank you, Misbah."

Anthony James Denis Dutton Anthony James Denis Dutton
Learning with Habeebah was a very rewarding experience and an investment to driving. (Take it from me, I've had lessons with other instructors in the past). For anyone that is looking for a driving instructor, here is one that is friendly, calm and relaxed in his teaching methods. He not only builds your confidence but also offers more in-depth knowledge, giving you a greater understanding when developing your driving skills. The proof is in the pudding, I passed with two minors. Thanks, Habeebah, for all your help.

I would like to commend Habeebah on helping me pass my practical driving test on the first time of trying within 4days of 15hours lesson. I would recommend him highly to anyone wishing to do their practical driving test. What I found motivating when I did my practice with Habeebah was that he always used positive reinforcement to build up my confidence. I found him to be patient with me when I did not do well and he highlighted my mistakes soon after they happened. He always put me in control of my learning which I found to be liberating. Habeebah also communicated with me of any changes in our schedule well in time which made it easier for me to plan. If you want to learn and you want to pass, Habeebah is your instructor.

Lee John Peter RannLee John Peter Rann
I passed thanks to Habeebah who is a calm, patient and good company which helps put anxious people like myself at ease. Highly recommend this amazing teacher!

Ben Stephen DavisBen Stephen Davis
Habeebah is a very conscientious instructor. He explained things very well and made sure that I would be a safe driver, not just focusing on passing the test. Having said that, I felt confident that he had prepared me very well for the test within one week. Marvelous and unbelievable. Thank you Habeebah for your encouragement and support.

Oliver MacmerhonOliver Macmerhon
After a few bad instructors I nearly gave up on trying to get my licence but Habeebah helped me develop the skills and confidence I needed to succeed.Habeebah's patience and understanding along with providing lessons to fit my busy schedule helped me pass first time and I strongly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.

Laura May RyanLaura May Ryan
Thank you Habeebah!
I searched Google for a good Driving School, I found Habeebah's LDC driving school. When I read his profile, skills and courses, I found the page really interesting. I said to myself I found my instructor!!. I got good information. He helped me feel confident and prepared me thoroughly for the test, I done just one week intensive driving course and I had passed first time, thank you so much Habeebah for all your help through the course, I feel more confident and safe driver. I totally recommend Habeebah for all people who want to have good instructor. He is excellent, professional, patient and dedicated and he is always on time. Thank you so much Habeebah.

Gabriel DalyGabriel Daly
Misbah is such a great instructor. He was so patient and made me so confident on the road and his teaching skills helped me learn; not only how to be a good driver but also to be a safe driver. I would highly recommend Misbah. He is an amazing teacher. Thank you so much for helping me pass!

Faris AkhazzanFaris Akhazzan
First time passed!
Habeebah's style of instruction is professional, insightful and effective. His endless patience, cheerful sense of humour and steady composure made the test preparation straightforward and easy. I went into the test confident and passed on the first try. I recommend him without reservation!

Hi Misbau, I just want to say thanks again for helping me pass my test and turning me into a competent and safe driver after 15 hours of lessons. You'll be my top recommendation to any aspiring drivers!

I would highly recommend Misbau I did an intensive course of 20 hours over two weeks and passed first time with only 2 minors, all thanks to Misbau due to his meticulous style of teaching. Without confidence he gave it to me in abundance.

Colin Ralph BrettColin Ralph Brett
Great Instructor!
Misbah is a great instructor who helped me pass the first time @ the age of sixty-one. I already knew how to drive but Misbah helped me iron out my bad habits and improved my road awareness as well as road safety in order to get me through my test successfully. I highly recommend Misbah. My pass will indeed facilitate my fishing hobby.

Bethany EvansBethany Evans
Thank you so much Misbah Habeebah for believing in me and making me believe in my self when I thought I couldn’t do it! I could not recommend Misbah more! Great teacher, doesn’t give up on you and doesn’t let you give up on yourself! Want to pass quick and properly I'd go to Misbah every-time.

Pauline CodjoePauline Codjoe
I was extremely nervous about learning how to drive till I met Misbau. He made me feel calm and at ease. He is professional, friendly and patient, with a good sense of humour. It was an absolute pleasure to be his student and I cannot express how thankful I am and I can't recommend him highly enough!